The Team at Murray Phillips Earth Moving Taranaki

Murray Phillips Earthmoving Contractors: Proudly Taranaki for Over 20 Years

Being in operation for over 20 years, Murray Phillips Earthmoving has been providing professional earthmoving and contracting services to Taranaki businesses as well as national contracting organisations. Employing 10 staff, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of service; this is why we invest in the best of equipment and machinery operators. This way we can ensure that your project is completed on time, to budget, delivering workmanship and results of the highest quality.

Key Staff

Murray Phillips – Owner Operator

Proud owner Murray Phillips started his contracting career over 40 years ago with contracts within the oil industry, with the drilling site as Kapuni being the first project being completed. Since then, there has been no turning back with the business going from strength to strength, with the additional of more earth moving equipment and staff. Working on major roading, farming and drilling projects, Murray has been involved in the construction and addition of sites for various industry clients. Through a career spanning over 40 years, you can be rest assured that Murray has seen and done it all, with his experience and knowledge allowing the team at Murray Phillips Earthmoving to cost effectively complete the task at hand, within a timely manner.

Graeme Kyle – Foreman & Machine Operator

Graeme has 30 years experience in the contracting business. Prior to joining the team at Murray Phillips Earthmoving in Taranaki, he ran his own business for 10 years. With the successful completion of advanced First Aid Courses and Tosh Safety Courses, Graeme is able to hold permits for a range of contracts and jobs. With 3 1/2 years experience and a Qual 2 in Civil Engineering, Graeme is a valued member of the Murray Phillips team.

Richard Carr – Machinery Operator

Prior to employment with Murray Phillips Earthmoving Taranaki, Richard worked with civil contractors D & L Crow for 5 years. Richard has worked in the oil industry for Matt Hareb, being sub-contracted to Core Group completing live excavations; as well as valued experience arising from employment with Stewart Rose on projects for Todd Oil for the past two years.


Sharn Robinson – Moxy Driver & Limited Machine Operator

Sharn is the younger generation aged 21 learning the trade, but is well able to complete the range of tasks allocated. Being a skilled Moxy Driver, Sharn is able to carry out general digger work. Being with the company for four years, Sharn is a dedicated member of the Murray Phillips team.

Josh Kelsen – Moxy Driver & Limited Machine Operator

Josh is also of the younger generation aged 21 learning the trade. Also well able to complete a range of eaethmoving tasks allocated in the completion of various contracts. He is also a skilled Moxy driver & can complete general digger work. Another key team member.

Nick Benge – Machine Operator

Nick has 19 years experience in the contracting business. With previous experience in running his own trucking business, five years working directly in oil & gas industry, Nick has now worked for Murray Phillip Earthmoving for 4 years. National Certificate in Forestry & Construction, Civil Earthworks, as well as being a permit holder are among some of his valued qualifications.