Farming Services, Land Reclamation, Silage Pits and Irrigation

Working with Taranaki Farmers to Increase their Productivity and Land Value

Murray Phillips Earth moving Taranaki has been a trusted partner by many farming and agricultural operations within the Taranaki and wider North Island regions. We have a wealth of experience in reclaiming and developing land for productive purposes; providing solutions for drainage, silage pits, underpasses, farm tracks and races, water storage ponds and irrigation.

Land Development, Reclamation and Conversation: Increasing Land Value and Productivity

At Murray Phillips Earthmoving Taranaki, we have the experience to help you manage your land conversion projects … whether it be forestry or scrub land you want to convert to pasture or horticulture terrain or farmland. We have worked with numerous local dairy farming operations to develop previously unusable land to flat, rich and productive fields which has dramatically increased the value of the farm and business, as well as increase the productive capacities and profit of the farming business.

Clients to date range from private landowners to large commercial stakeholders, with our work ranging from subdivisions to horticulture and dairying conversions. Whether small or large we have the right resources to clear, contour and develop your land.

Land Reclamation

Reclaiming land as productive farm land increases the productive capacity of the farm, which not only results in improved profitability of the agricultural or dairy operation, but increases the value of the land and the business. Purchasing prime pasture, dairy or agricultural land suitable for the purposes of productive farming can only be accessed at a premium price, with the value increasing dramatically over the past decade as a result of increased demand, both in New Zealand and internationally, for produce and dairy product.

However, Murray Phillips Earthmoving has a wealth of experience in contouring previously unproductive and unusable sections of land to flat, prime and productive tracts. With a proven history of success, Murray Phillips can improve the value and profitability of your dairy or agricultural operation at a fraction of the cost of purchasing such land.

Dairy Conversions

With the value of the dairy industry to the New Zealand economy and increasing demand for agricultural and dairy products internationally, many farmers are turning to trusted earthmoving companies to convert their current land based operations into dairy businesses. Some examples include forestry blocks and sheep blocks which do not have the contour of the land suitable for dairy farming, among many others. Murray Phillips is able to offer professional advice as to how to convert your current property into productive and profitable dairy land.

Sileage Pits

Silage pits are an essential tool for the modern dairy farmer who requires a year round and constant level of feed to ensure the milking productivity of the cows; as well as maintaining their health. Murray Phillips has an extensive history of assisting in the development of sileage pits and feed pads that truly stand the test of time. To make top quality silage, the correct tools and equipment must be in place to ensure this is a reality … a top quality sileage pit is the key ingredient

Farm Maintenance

Murray Phillips is a trusted business partner amongst many farmers and agricultural operators within Taranaki and the wider New Zealand region. With a proven track record in delivering superior results, within budget and on-time, Murray Phillips has a large number of repeat customers who continue to use his services to develop their farm. The farm maintenance services include:

  • Farms Tracks and Races
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Sileage
  • Water Ponds
  • General Earthmoving Maintenance

Civil Engineering

The team at Murray Phillips work closely with Civil Engineers to deliver a number of precision farm solutions, including the development and construction of cattle and stock underpasses. Please contact the team at Murray Phillip Earthmoving for further information.