On Shore Oil Drilling Contractors

On-Shire Drilling Preparation While Conserving the Environment

The team at Murray Phillips Earthmoving has worked closely with a number of drilling companies to prepare the site, while providing advice and project management so this is completed in an environmentally friendly manner.

We clear any obstructions and construct a pad for the drilling rig and other equipment used. The land is cleared and levelled using earth-moving equipment. The access road and pad are covered with gravel to stabilise the area from erosion and to allow access for heavy oil field equipment. Drill pad sites are often located some distance from public roadways. Therefore, operators must also construct an access road between the public road and the well site.

The drilling process uses a large volume of drilling fluid that is circulated through the drill pipe and drill bit, then back to the surface. As the fluid returns to the surface, it carries the ground-up rock particles (drill cuttings). To manage the returning fluid and the drill cuttings, operators construct a reserve pit (a pit located next to the drilling rig to catch the drill cuttings, used drilling mud, and other materials). Some operators also construct separate auxiliary pits that collect fluids that fall onto the area directly beneath the rig.

At Murray Phillips Earthmoving, we take our responsibility to environmental care seriously. Due to this, we only use authorised land farm waste depots for the disposal of any land fill or drilling waste. These are delivered to the discharge units and all standards adhered to. We love where we live and we want to keep it this way.