Earth Moving Solutions and Contractors

The Trusted Taranaki Earthmoving Company

Murray Phillips Earthmoving represents a team of specialist staff and machinery that ensures your project has the manpower, technology, experience and expertise to be completed on time and to budget, with a clear focus on the quality of work.

We have completed a large range of earthmoving and excavation projects, including major road schemes, embankments, landscaping, landfill cells, remediation works, site preparations, land reclamation, farm excavation and work; as well as contracts and projects carried out for numerous national contractors. Whatever your project is, Murray Phillips Earthmoving has the experience and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Earthworks and Earthmoving

Murray Phillips Earthmoving has a wide range of the latest machinery and equipment for shaping and shifting large quantities of material, including bulldozers, dump trucks, diggers, graders, compactors and excavators. We offering the following earthmoving services and solutions

  • Dairy conversions
  • Siteworks installation and grading of driveways and farm tracks
  • Land Reclamation
  • Water storage ponds and Irrigation
  • Installation of irrigation piping, drainage and water reticulation
  • Water storage ponds
  • Trenching and Retaining

Roadworks and Roading Preparation

Murray Phillips has extensive roadworks experience, both for private and local commission work as well as projects for national roading contracting companies. We are able to offer the following roadworks solutions.

  • Sub Grade preparation
  • Trim to levels
  • Sub Soil Drainage
  • Finish work
  • Sub Base preparation
  • Stabilising finished work
  • Kerb preparation
  • Dig outs-seal preparation
  • Base Fill
  • Servicing ducting
  • Footpath preparation
  • Trenching

Site Works and Preparation: Providing the Ground Work
of Successful Projects

Professional preparation of the site is the key process for ensuring that the foundations are present for the project in question. Our site works and preparation services include:

  • Concrete Placement
  • Driveways
  • Site Formation/Finishing
  • Pond Work
  • Drainage
  • Landscaping Area

Commercial Drainage and Farm Irrigation

With our specialist drain laying and earthmoving equipment, we are able to complete domestic waste water systems, storm water and major council contracts. Furthermore, we have a wealth of experience in providing water and irrigation systems for dairy farms and farm conversions.